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Frequently asked questions... answered!

Frequently asked questions

Your questions, our answers.

Q. Can I get funding to meet the costs of a study course and expenses in attending it?

No. The Benevolent Fund does not meet this kind of expense. There are specialist agencies providing bursaries for study purposes, more suited to this type of need. However, in certain circumstances, a contribution to such costs might be made where they form a part of a wider support package provided to an applicant.

Q. Would an application for respite care costs be approved, where a member’s partner would benefit from a break from full time caring?

Yes. This kind of one-off support generally falls within the criteria for approval.

Q. I have recently lost my job and am having trouble keeping up with payments on my credit cards. Will the Benevolent Fund pay something towards these costs?

What would usually happen in such circumstances is that one of the Trustees would offer to assist with debt management advice, possibly in conjunction with the CAB. Advice and support in re-entering the workplace would also be offered. In extreme cases where, for example, a member was about to be evicted from their home and had taken all other possible and reasonable steps to ease their predicament, the Benevolent Fund might offer emergency support in the form of a loan or grant to help a member through a crisis. It will be appreciated that were the Fund to assist all applicants seeking debt reduction, then the Fund would be out of funds in a very short period of time.

Q. How do you maintain privacy in relation to an application to the fund?

If you choose to apply for assistance from the fund the information you supply to us is dealt with in the strictest confidence.

If you have any further questions about your privacy, please contact the Secretary by going to the Contact Us page for the telephone number, email address or contact form.