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Benevolent Fund

Supporting our members, whenever possible

Why We Exist

The Chartered Institute of Marketing Benevolent Fund (CIMBF) exists to offer support and advice to CIM members (past and present) and their dependants when misfortune befalls them. This support, encouragement and advice may be in collaboration with others such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, or SSAFA, or other occupational charities and covers a wide range of areas of need.

Aims of the Fund

  • The relief of immediate hardship
  • To help provide a significant enhancement to the quality of life
  • To help with an enhancement to health
  • To enable the continuation of independent living
  • To assist in decreasing future living costs
  • To provide relief in an emergency situation
  • To enable the applicant to continue to work

This list is not intended to be exhaustive.

The Trustees work on a one-to-one basis with applicants, keeping in touch to ensure that any support provided has fulfilled its intended purpose.

About CIM Benevolent Fund

The Chartered Institute of Marketing Benevolent Fund (CIMBF) was established in 1921 as an independent Charitable Trust. In 1964 a Trust Deed was created when the Institute of Marketing and Sales Management appointed four Trustees to be responsible for the monies and securities transferred by the Institute into the newly formed Benevolent Fund. Its purpose was set out quite clearly to help in the relief of poverty and the advancement of education. Today, the CIMBF is managed by Trustees who oversee its affairs.