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Case Examples

Read about some of the ways the CIMBF have been able to help.

The case examples on our website are a typical cross-section of cases supported by the CIMBF to give an insight into our work. In the interests of confidentiality, no real names have been used.

Sarah was the wife of a retired member

Sarah was the wife of a retired member

Domestic distress

Sarah was the wife of a retired member. She approached the CIM Benevolent Fund in some distress because she was having difficulty coping with her domestic situation. Her husband was suffering long term health problems and had been taken into care.

Financial difficulties and storms

Coping on a limited pension income, this created a financial burden for her to deal with. Left to manage the house alone, she was already facing some substantial maintenance costs when further problems hit. Stormy weather and heavy rain had caused flood damage, making their home almost uninhabitable.


In this case the CIM Benevolent Fund was able to assist Sarah by providing a direct contribution towards her essential building maintenance costs and repairs.