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Case Examples

Read about some of the ways the CIMBF have been able to help.

The case examples on our website are a typical cross-section of cases supported by the CIMBF to give an insight into our work. In the interests of confidentiality, no real names have been used.

Jo was a young mother enjoying a career in marketing

Jo was a young mother enjoying a career in marketing

Abrupt end to a promising career

Jo was a young mother enjoying a career in marketing. All this came to an abrupt end when her youngest child was diagnosed with a rare medical condition. Jo was forced to leave her marketing job to care for him.

The high cost of medical help

Using the time at home to undertake her own research, she found medical consultants in the UK who were prepared to look further into the case. Following their investigations, they were hopeful her son’s condition could be improved with a course of specialist medical treatment. However, this could only be provided at a dedicated centre situated in another part of the country. Attending for treatment would involve a return car journey of some 300 miles every two weeks for a period of six months.


With no obvious source of income to cover these costs, Jo approached the CIM Benevolent Fund for assistance.


With the Fund’s help, the journey costs were covered and some months later we were delighted to hear from Jo that the course of treatment had been successful.