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Find out how to apply to the CIM Fund

If you feel that you or a member of your family may be eligible for help or support from the CIMBF the first step is to contact the Benevolent Fund Secretary either by letter, email or telephone – to let us know about your circumstances.

Applicants should normally be in receipt of all the State benefits to which they are entitled, and should have expended any savings which might disqualify them from such benefits.

In most cases the Secretary will be able to tell you if your needs fall within the criteria for assistance. In less straightforward cases a discussion with the Trustees may be required.

If you have taken the above steps, please feel free to complete an Application-form setting out the specific nature of the request and providing personal and financial information.

Applicants may be contacted by a Trustee who can help the applicant finalise the application and guide him/her as to how best to proceed. Our Trustees are all experienced senior marketers, with many years’ service in the profession, chosen for their interpersonal skills and pastoral and family values.

Applications are referred to all the Trustees who jointly consider each application. This process can be done quite quickly and is normally completed within one to two weeks. For emergencies there are processes to reach a decision within a shorter time period.

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